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Sustainability Project

for Wayuú Communities

Food bank of la guajira

The Prosowa Foundation, with the support of Chevron and the Diocese of Riohacha, completes construction of the first Food Bank of La Guajira. 

La Guajira Online

"La Guajira is a reclining woman,

bathed by the waters

of the immense Caribbean,

and she proudly carries in her heart

her guarded riches,

pride for my people."

Song: "Lady Guajira" by Hernando Marín

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With every contribution you make, we bring a ray of hope to those who need it most.

our projects
Integrated micro-basin management


The Prosowa foundation joins projects that promote conservation and water and ground management and that are aimed toward preservation and restoration of micro-basins in the Guajira...

First food bank of la guajira


The Prosowa Foundation, with the support of the Diocese of Riohacha and economic contribution of Chevron, completes construction of the first Food Bank of La Guajira...

Sustainable classrooms for la guajira


Thanks to the Prosowa in NY administration, in 2016 Fundepaz NY joined the efforts of our foundation in the Guajira...


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latest news
multiplying with love loaves and fishes in la guajira


Different media shared the great news of the inauguration of the Food Bank of La Guajira, so we wanted to share one of these wonderful articles!

Prosowa foundation participates in organizing the perspectives on colombia forum at columbia university


On March 23, 2018, the Prosowa Foundation participated with Columbia for Colombia in the first international forum...

prosowa and chevron donate 90,000,000 pesos for the purchase of a new truck for the food bank of bogotá


On March 10, 2017, Patricia Serrano, director of public relations at Chevron for Latin America, and Pilar Verú...

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