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Bogotá, April 29, 2019: The renowned group of Colombian cyclists, both professional and amateur--Victor Hugo Peña, Luisa Barrios, and Karol Quintero--will travel more than 800 kilometers from June 4th to 9th in support of the crisis in La Guajira. The group will leave from Medellín and arrive in Riohacha as part of the social efforts led by the "One Dream at a Time" campaign to raise money for the purchase of water filters for communities supported by the Prosowa Foundation and the first Food Bank to be opened in the area. In this endeavor the group joins in the efforts of the Prosowa Foundation supported by Chevron and the Diocese of Riohacha. The cyclists, volunteer team, and their sponsors hope to leave with the communities they visit a message of promise and inspiration--"Our heart moves us much more than our legs"--with the hope that each family that receives love from them understands that the mind and heart are the body's most important engines for success.

For more information, please contact us at Prosowa is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting projects that improve the quality of life for indigenous communities in La Guajira and other vulnerable populations in areas of poverty throughout Colombia.

Cra. 10 No. 95-11 Oficina 302 - Bogotá, DC

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