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The Sustainability Project for Wayuu Communities, PROSOWA, with the support and fiscal supervision of Caring for Colombia, serves as an international platform and non-profit entity for developing, promoting, and seeking out adequate resources to contribute to improving quality of life for Wayuu and other vulnerable communities in La Guajira, Colombia. 


donation delivery

koratari clean water project

The Prosowa foundation, together with the Koratari project in New York, will donate 8 water filters to the least fortunate communities of La Guajira, Uyaraipa communities, and Father Wilmer Silva’s Dining Room Project in Palomino.


Microbasin management

The Prosowa foundation joins projects that promote conservation and water and ground management and that are aimed toward preservation and restoration of micro-basins in the Guajira.

Food bank of la guajira

The Prosowa Foundation, with the support of the Diocese of Riohacha and economic contribution of Chevron, completes construction of the first Food Bank of La Guajira.


sustainable classrooms

Thanks to the Prosowa in NY administration, in 2016 Fundepaz NY joined the efforts of our foundation in the Guajira. Under the leadership of Father Fernando Echeverri and his board of directors in New York, Fundepaz invested in 7 eco-sustainable classrooms.

Water for life

Prosowa, since the start of its international initiative “Water for Life in La Guajira” through the May 12, 2015 launch event at the Kimmel Center in NYU, has contributed to the installation of water wells with solar pumping systems and community storage.


Adopt a wayuu child

This sponsorship plan was created to support more than 300 Wayuu children who reside at the ethno-indigenous boarding school in Nazareth in the Alta Guajira during academic calendar periods, supervised by the Diocese of Riohacha.

Christmas campaign

Our Christmas campaigns have allowed us to touch the hearts of Colombians living abroad and deliver more than 4,500 toys in Riohacha and surrounding areas as well as teaching materials to the Riohacha Cultural Center.


young musician project

The Prosowa Foundation donated five guitars to the Francisco El Hombre Foundation, which were given to talented youth in the municipalities of Villanueva, Fonseca, San Juan del Cesar, Maicao, and Riohacha.

Health workshops

The Prosowa Foundation has participated in extensive health workshops in the Alta Guajira in support of humanitarian efforts led by the Hospital of Nazareth. 

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