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Adopt a wayuu Child: be a part of their well-being and development

The Prosowa Foundation and Caring for Colombia unite to create a program in support of children of La Guajira: "Adopt a Wayuú Child". 

This sponsorship plan was created to support more than 300 Wayuu children who reside at the ethno-indigenous boarding school in Nazareth in the Alta Guajira during academic calendar periods, supervised by the Diocese of Riohacha. 

Your donations will contribute to necessary food and hygiene expenses so that each of these children can carry out better academic work as a result of improved well-being. 

Why is it important to feed a child before they go to school?

Any person, whether a minor or an adult, upon spending many hours with an empty stomach and without access to a balanced daily diet, will not only experience physical symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, gastric problems, and reduced bone development, but also serious problems with concentration, irritability, fatigue, and neurological development. 

why sponsor a wayuu child? 

4,770 indigenous Wayuu people in the Colombian Guajira have died of hunger in the last several years and more than 34,000 live in a state of malnutrition. With your support, we will help reduce deaths caused by malnutrition and promote childhood education and development. 

Each month you will receive a report of your child's progress, communication exchange with them, and a certificate of your donation. 


Thanking prosowa sponsors

To ensure a lamp

is always lit,

we must not stop

giving it oil. 

Every act of love,

carried out with all one's heart,

will always succeed

in bringing people closer to God.

Live simply so that others

can simply live.

How can there be

too many children?

That is like saying there are too many flowers.


If you cannot feed

one hundred people, 

feed just one. 


Do not give only what you have in excess,

give your heart. 

Happiness is a network of love

in which souls are held. 


I know faith in the small things,

since it is within them

that strength resides. 


What matters most

is how much love we put

into the work we fulfill.  

"A life not lived for others is not a life."

--Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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