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Let’s Talk for Them (Fundación Hablemos por Ellos)

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The Prosowa Foundation recently partnered with the foundation for street pets, Let’s Talk for Them (Fundación Hablemos por Ellos). This foundation, located in La Ceja Antioquia in Colombia, cares for more than 170 abandoned dogs and other animals that have lost their home. Prosowa has allocated a significant amount of resources to hire a veterinarian to care for these defenseless animals on-site.

We need your help to be able to purchase the medicines required to provide the animals with the best medical care. If you have a pet or love for animals, you will understand our commitment to help our furry friends. Donating is easy, click below or scan the QR code to make a contribution. You will receive a tax exemption at the end of the year. Thank you for helping us contribute to the well-being of these animals!

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